It's Not Too Late To Winterize Your Car

With the recent snow and ice invading our environment make sure to prepare your vehicles. 

Ø  Install winter wiper blades that keep ice from collecting on the blades.

Ø  Mount winter tires - When the temperature consistently hovers around or below freezing, the rubber compounds in non-winter tires harden, decreasing the tire's ability to grip the road. Winter tires use special compounds engineered to resist hardening in cold temperatures, providing better traction.

Ø  Keep washer fluid full - The roads are consistently covered with brine, this salt packs onto your vehicle, and can impede on visibility when driving in snow and ice.

Ø  Pack a winter driving safety kit; items to include consist of.......Ice scraper, Bag of sand and a shovel, Cell phone, Flares, First aid kit, Extra antifreeze, Flashlight and batteries, Car toolkit, Jumper cables, Warm clothing: Extra jacket, hat, socks, boots, Non-perishable food and beverage items and a Pack of matches.

Ø  Service your vehicle regularly - Batteries, belts and hoses, spark plugs, wires, and cables: these can go bad at any time of year, but if they go bad during the winter, you could be stranded in a very cold place for a very long time - and that could be dangerous.

Ø  Maintain proper tire pressure - Every 10-degree change in ambient temperature could mean a gain or loss of 1 PSI. This means you should check pressure more regularly during winter and refill your tires as needed. Appropriate pressure for your tires can be found on the tire placard in the driver's side door jamb or in your vehicle owner's manual.

Ø  Keep gas tank half full - Fill up often! A full tank can help prevent gas line freeze ups. Not only that but if you're ever stranded, your engine may be the only thing to keep you warm until help arrives.

Ø  Keep the rear-window defroster in working order - Being unable to see behind you could create unsafe driving conditions. Remember, snow and ice make it more difficult to stop. Allow more space between your vehicle and the vehicle ahead of you. Watch the weather. Be aware of any treacherous weather that may be headed to your area. If the roads are just too dangerous, don't risk an accident!


Special Thanks To Mr William Sears 

As the holidays roll in we see a lot about sales, new  trinkets, and Santa which can overshadow some of the most   unselfish moments that also comes with the season - like giving   back. Here at Marlow Motors we have seen some of the most   amazing people support our food drives, diaper drives, and   Toys  for Tots. This year we want to recognize Mr. William Sears   who came back to our store, and delivered several cases of f   food  for our C-CAP food drive. Sears is the Third-longest   employee of the Town of Front Royal, and a 20+ year customer   of the dealership. We all would like to wish Sears and his family   a Merry Christmas and special thanks for sharing with the less   fortunate in our community.