Which Is Right for You?

Your Ultimate Guide to Buying vs Leasing

Making the Choice: Buying or Leasing?

At Marlow Motor Company Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM, we specialize in offering a premium selection of vehicles that feature bold style, exceptional safety features and impressive engine options. If you're in the market for a car, truck or SUV, we are your go-to resource. Our team goes above and beyond to provide premium customer services. That's why we help our loyal customers understand the difference between buying vs leasing. Our goal is to help you make an informed decision and feel good about the results.

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The Benefits of an Auto Loan

When you buy a car from our CDJR dealership, know that you're getting a high-quality vehicle with all the features you want and need. You also get premium advice when you're deciding between buying vs leasing. When you opt for a car loan, you make monthly payments and own the vehicle outright once the long-term contract is satisfied. This option is a great investment for individuals who prefer to keep vehicles long-term.

You can also save on monthly costs and car insurance when driving one of our high-end cars, trucks or SUVs, such as the RAM 1500, the Dodge Durango, a Jeep Gladiator or a Chrysler Pacifica. Our collection of new cars gives you plenty of impressive options. It's beneficial to choose buying vs leasing when you plan to drive a large number of miles. Buying vs leasing does not restrict you from staying within a mileage limit whereas a car lease does pose some restrictions based on the lease terms.

With an auto loan, you have the freedom to sell the car, trade it in or keep it once your loan payments have been satisfied. You get to drive the car as long as you want without any restrictions. It is important, though, to know that you are responsible for all maintenance and auto repairs not covered by the manufacturer warranty or once the warranty has expired.

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The Benefits of a Car Lease

If you're struggling to determine the benefits of buying or leasing, the team at our CDJR dealer is here to help. A car lease is similar to renting a vehicle. You make monthly lease payments for typically 36 months and once the lease terms have ended, you have the option to turn over the keys, purchase the vehicle or upgrade to a new car lease.

Leasing is a solid option for individuals who prefer to keep vehicles for a short period of time. With car lease specials at our CDJR dealership, you can save with low-interest rates and low monthly payments while driving a brand new vehicle during its most trouble-free years. It is also typically more affordable to upgrade to premium trim levels of your preferred vehicle when you choose a car lease vs auto loan terms.

With a car lease, you are limited to a number of designated miles and may incur wear and tear charges if the vehicle is not returned in working order. Whereas with an auto loan, you must maintain the vehicle once the loan is paid, you do have to perform routine maintenance with a car lease, but major auto repairs are typically covered by the manufacturer warranty.

Buying or Leasing? We've Got You Covered Online

When working with the team at our CDJR dealership, we make it easy to undergo the process of buying or leasing completely online. We host an interactive online platform that gives you the freedom to search for new SUVs, pickup trucks, minivans and sedans from the comfort of your own home.

Once you found the perfect vehicle for buying or leasing, simply fill out the online credit application, utilize the monthly payment calculator and even value your trade in. Our team will be right there with you via phone or the chat function to answer any of your questions about buying vs leasing.

The Ultimate Choice: Buying or Leasing

Now that you know more about the differences between buying vs leasing, it's time to select your next vehicle to drive long-term or short-term. Contact us at our CDJR dealership today to meet with our trained sales professionals and expert finance team to learn more about special incentives and offers that save you more at signing when buying or leasing.

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