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Mopar recalls at Marlow Motors in Front Royal Virginia

Mopar Recalls: A Guide

Mopar Recalls - The Basics

Before we can talk about Mopar® recall, let’s clear the air of confusion. Mopar is a portmanteau, or mix, of the two words "Motor” and “Parts”. Mopar is the branch of FIAT Chrysler Automobiles US (FCA US) that handles parts, service and customer care. If you aren’t aware, the following automobile manufacturers are owned by FCA US and therefore use Mopar parts: FIAT, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, RAM and SRT.

When you’re looking to conduct auto repair on your FIAT Chrysler vehicle, a Mopar part is guaranteed to provide you with factory quality. This is why when FCA US decides to issue a recall, which can be to correct a problem or improve overall performance by periodically recalling a vehicle, it’s called a “Mopar recall”. But when is a Mopar recall necessary, and what should a FIAT Chrysler vehicle owner do when they learn about one?

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Vehicle Recalls: The Ins and Outs

An essential part of good auto care is keeping up with recall information for your car, truck or SUV. Press releases are the de facto method of informing the public about a recall, but you can also check online. Doing so is easy. Simply go to Mopar’s website, enter your vehicle identification number (VIN), and Mopar will notify you of any relevant recalls. The VIN can be found on your vehicle’s registration or VIN plate. There are 2 types of recalls: campaigns and safety recalls. A campaign is a vehicle problem that is not a safety concern. Conversely, when FCA issues a safety recall on a vehicle to correct a malfunctioning feature, the safety and security of individuals driving those vehicles are at risk. Safety recalls are always serious, and they should not be taken lightly.

To get auto repair for a Mopar recall, you don’t have to go to a special repair facility. Any authorized dealer of your brand of vehicle has a service center capable of providing terrific vehicle maintenance and repair.

Recall Payment And Reimbursement

When a Mopar recall is issued, FCA takes full responsibility for the vehicle not working properly in the first place. As such, the auto repairs required are performed at no cost to vehicle owners. Once you’ve had repairs on your vehicle, if you find that the recalled component has failed again, don’t hesitate to bring it to an authorized dealer for repairs once more. FCA will review your situation, and if it is indeed an error with the same part, you will receive auto repair for free.

If you’ve already paid to have the faulty component fixed prior to the recall or without knowledge of your ability to receive free auto repairs, you’re likely eligible for reimbursement. To learn if you’re eligible, visit to submit your reimbursement request online. You may also submit proof of payment to the following address: FCA US Customer Assistance, P.O. Box 21-8004, Auburn Hills, MI 48321-8007, ATTN: Recall Reimbursement.

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